LAN Revolution

Game Servers

LAN Revolution and PKHQ have been operating game servers for the public since 2005 when we first ran several servers for Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. We encourage cooperation and more importantly that players enjoy themselves. No matter the game or server, we want you to always feel welcomed, relaxed, and ready to kick it with others.

Below are public game servers we operate for the community.

Conan Exiles

LAN Revolution ][ US-East PVE Community Server
Direct IP:
Location: US-East
Slots: 64
Server: Dedicated hardware, 1Gbit connection
Server Admins: Twinklelstar & Niningun

The server is geared towards a chill, casual, fun atmosphere, with accelerated rates and respawns. The majority of players on the server are into building unique bases. If your into building, maybe play solo but want the multiplayer interaction and experience, or just a fun place to experience Conan Exiles; this is the server for you.

See discord for mod list.